We provide instanteous global stock market analysis tools

In about a second
Discover unknown scenarios and relationships.

Performance and capability not available before.
12,579 stocks, decades of data, global markets.
340 million simulations, 59 billion computations.

Scenario queries, modeling, volatility.

Computed for you instantaneously.

Speed of Thought


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LAUNCH - GPU Stock Market Engine

coreFenix is announcing the launch of our stock market SaaS offering. Manage your portfolios, perform advanced queries and analytics against the market instantaneously with more than 12,000 securities and decades of data available. (03-Feb-2016)

Who are we?

We have many developers, mentors and designers locally that contribute to our project


Scott Quibell - Founder
Scott has been developing, designing and leading software projects for over 25 years. His first job was during his final year of high school. Since then he has been investing since he was 18 and had a focus on high performance and predictive modeling systems for the finance, mental health, genetics and human disease areas. Scott has implemented and customized many predictive algorithms for the unique nature of GPU’s for the launch of coreFenix.

Scott has experience designing and building web scale businesses and complex systems for enterprises and public use from 1,000’s of users to millions. He has a BS in Computer Science (Math and Physics minors) with studies in AI. He is also a childhood STEM education advocate, especially for girls, with volunteer collaboration to deploy the first elementary use of Microsoft Research's KODU game design software.

Hans van Rietschote -- Technical Board Adviser
From 1999 till 2009 Hans van Rietschote worked at Symantec (before that VERITAS) where he was the senior director of the Technology Scouting Group in the office of the CTO. In that role he scouted out and analyzed thousands of technology companies that were at the leading edge of innovation in areas such as Storage, Security, System Management and Virtualization. Hans also identified and continues to monitor the top ten technology trends that will have a serious impact on the software industry in the next 3-5 years.

Before that, he spent more than 10 years working at AT&T Bell Labs in the Netherlands. Hans has over 30 software patents filed in his name in the areas of virtualization, system and network management, and storage technologies. Hans has both an MS in mathematics and an MBA in telecommunications. Hans' expertise lies in the areas of SaaS, Cloud Computing, Cloud Services, Cloud Storage, Virtualization for both the Enterprise data center and the desktop, Enterprise and Consumer Security, Enterprise and Consumer Backup and Enterprise and Consumer Storage technologies.

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