What is this?

We offer queries into the entire market with instantaneous responses. Scenario queries, Monte Carlo modeling, volatility all computed for the entire market for the dates you want.

Only "12,579 securities?" ... We consider this a good starting point. Our GPU cluster can certainly handle much, much more so we started with NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, Toronto, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Paris, Munich, Berlin, and many from the pink sheets.

We are a small start-up and you'll need to signup to use this service as we need a profile to manage our portfolio features.

Sign-up and give the site a go. Please remember we are in beta, and as we grow you'll get more features.

Our Features

Manage multiple portfolios, look at changing variability over many time periods, compare your stock's peers or seek scenarios over the history of the market.

Portfolio Manager

Setup your portfolios with the securities you want. Run a simulation instantaneously and see where their value might be in 1,3,5,10 years... without downloading data or waiting hours. (We run the entire market through this engine, not just your stocks)

Scenario Solver

Find the value and volatility of your portfolio when a trigger happens. When was the last time X Stock dropped 30% in a 50 day period, what did my portfolio look like one year out? This is more than simple queries regarding current market indicators.

Stock Info

Look at current performance, various volatility metrics, and future potential based on our always updated stock simulations.

Peer Rankings

Pick one of your portfolio stocks, how do they compare against their industry peers? What are the peer's current volatility and future potential?

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